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at Redwood Middle School

The sixth grade Drama Elective Wheel class is designed to introduce students to a wide range of theatrical skills, concepts, and provide an opportunity for the students to explore theater from many different angles including: performance, design, directing, writing, and technical theater. 


Students will explore the following concepts: 

  • Basic Introduction of terminology, fundamentals of musical theater, learning the jobs in the theater, as well as exploring characters and plot.

  • Rhythm through call and response and creating original rhythms. 

  • Story, dramatic structure, as well as investigate and experiment with adaptation and writing character voice.

  • Character Objective, Super Objective and actor’s choice. 

  • Learning Foundations such as parts of the stage, music, acting, and dance concepts.

  • Processes of auditions, rehearsals and performances.

  • Strong Ensemble importance and creating ensemble characters

  • The concept of a Director’s Vision and creating a directorial vision board.

  • The use of Space in theater, scene changes, set design, and blocking.

  • Cues that take place on stage, backstage, and in the house. Students will be introduced to how the various people in theater work together to bring a show to life.

  • Atmosphere and how it’s created on stage with use of sound, lighting, and movement.

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of preparing for Monologues and Commercials by studying:

Diction, Vocal Variety, Speech Rate, Using Pauses in Speech, Presentation of Body Language, and Characterization Techniques.

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