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Multiply Your Impact with Company Matching

Please check with your employer! It could double your impact !


Many employers offer corporate or company charitable matching as a company benefit. This means that if you make a donation to a charity such as ours then your employer will match your donation to that same charity, magnifying the effect of your donation.  

Company charitable matching programs are especially popular here in the SF Bay Area. Please check with your HR team to see if your employer offers this benefit and if so, contact us so we can get you the info you need to submit. This can be done before you donate or after your donation is made. (Our TIN #  20-3681323)

Thank you for including Saratoga Theatre Arts in your family's charitable giving plan!

Hundreds of companies provide company matching benefits. Here are some local ones:

  • Google

  • Apple Inc.

  • eBay

  • Adobe

  • Netflix

  • Western Digital

  • PG & E

  • KLA Tencor

  • Oracle

  • Cisco

  • Wells Fargo

  • Cadence

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