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Student-Led Productions @SHS

In addition to the yearly  play and musical, both of which are professionally directed and produced, the Saratoga High School Drama program also offers students opportunities to write, direct, design, perform and produce a piece of drama, usually presented to a live audience.  

Kids Come Home Poster.png
Written by SHS Junior, Ryan Backhus, Kids Come Home had just one public performance on January 19 in the TDC before submission to the International Thespian Society Northern California Play Festival on January 20 where it competed and won at the state level.

Photo credit: Neel Reddy

23-24 Drama 4 Honors Student Productions

Suite Surrender

Senior Drama Student Ryan Cagliostro directs this very funny play about two Hollywood Starlets who cannot stand to be in the same room together. When this hotel staff accidentally puts them in the same Hotel Suite, the management will do anything to keep them apart.


Cast includes: Ariana Tootoonchi, Arushi Maheshwar, Araceli Lublinerman, Margaret Laver, Apollo Burgess, Mia Ouchida, Nila Venkataratnam, Kat Aldrete and Misha Khairom. Stage Mgr: Chloe Mantle

Now and Then poster.jpeg

Now & Then

Senior Drama Students Arushi Maheshwar and Ariana Tootoonchi direct this time-travel centered play about the effect of the choices individuals in society make and how that is affected by their own insecurities and expectations of themselves and others.

Cast includes Ryan Backhus, Ryan Cagliostro, Chloe Mantle, and Nila Venkataratnam. Student Design team includes Diya Kapoor, Neha Sharan, Natalie Poon, Adit Sharma, Lavanya Bose, Claire Zheng, and Ivy Tian.


22-23 Drama 4 Honors Student Productions
Laundry and Bourbon.png

Book by James McLure

by Eric Peter Schwartz

Directed by Dragon Neal

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