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Connections Film Festival

Producer - Bryan Ringsted
Production Manager - Samantha Wiesner
Audio Technician - Chris Linney
Costume Designer - Vivienne Brooks
Composer - Aelfred Moore
Film Festival Publicity/Artwork - Samika Agarwal

Every Move You Make

Director - Elsa Ahraf

Screenwriter - Olivia Smith

I Barely

Director - Eli Tsives

Screenwriter - Julia Burgos


Director - Dragon Neal

Screenwriter - Francesca Fernandes

The Films

Where's the Tea?

Director - Bryan Chu

Screenwriter - Marisa Kingsley

Run Far,
Run Fast

Director - Julia Burgos
Screenwriter - Helena Lee

Grandma Gamer

Director - Taylor Zhou

Screenwriter - Stephen Ludwig

Lance Stewart's Break-In

Director - Helena Lee

Screenwriter - Matt Ingster

Owl and Raven

Director - Chloe Hsieh

Screenwriter - Elsa Ashraf


Director - Robin Castren

Screenwriter - Taylor Zhou

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