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New Works Festival @SHS

Congratulations to this year's festival team which showcased original material created by Saratoga High student playwrights and directed by fellow students

A Town of Lonely Orchids

- written by Ryan Backhus

- directed by Ryan Backhus & Arushi Maheshwar

One Map to Inyo County and a Note

- written by Olivia Smith

- directed by Ashly Henry

Jane and Bernedette 

- written by Anastasia Panidis and Fiona Wang

- directed by Madison Kerner


Hit after Hit

- written by Cosmo Warwick-Cooper and Ryan Cagliostro

- directed by Ariana Tootoonchi

The Color of Wine

 - written by Diya Kapoor

 - directed by Juliette Hsieh


Psychic Slacker

 - written by Caitlin Weber

 - directed by Ryan Cagliostro


Spittin' Bars on Mars

 - written and directed by Rylee Stanton

The Best Gift

 - by Arushi Maheshwar and Ariana Tootoonchi

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